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Birthdate:Aug 16
Lover, fighter, writer. Tend to fall into niches and also not shut up. academicgangster @ Tumblr.

Current primary fandoms: Men in Black, Mission: Impossible (films), The Fugitive (1993)

Forever fandoms: Star Trek TOS, Star Wars OT, Iron Man & the MCU, Yes Minister, Carmen Sandiego, the Muppets, His Dark Materials, the original Bourne books

Miscellaneous fandoms: The Good Place, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Simpsons, Remington Steele

Interests (117):

007, agatha christie, aircraft, alistair maclean, astrobiology, autism spectrum, bi visibility, bisexuality, black widow, britney spears, caffeine, captain janeway, captain kirk, cargo ships, carmen sandiego, cars, cats, charlie brooker, chemistry, coffee, concept cars, cookie monster, cuddling, death note, denim, ethan hunt, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, fluff, fucking with gender roles, genderswap, geometry, glasses are sexy, h/c, harrison ford, his dark materials, hurt/comfort, international radiotelephony alphabet, iron man, isaac asimov, james bond, james kirk, james t. kirk, jason bourne, jeremy clarkson, jim henson, jim kirk, kathryn janeway, kk, lamborghini, language, marie st jacques, mario, marvel cinematic universe, medical accuracy, men in black, michael crichton, mission impossible, mission: impossible, muppets, murciƩlago, natasha romanoff, oliver sacks, only connect, patterns, person/vehicle otp, philosophy, pierce brosnan, pixar's cars, poetry, probe (1988), psychedelic trance, psychedelica, psytrance, puns, qi, reading, remington steele, robert ludlum, rule 63, sam gerard, science, science art, science fiction, selfcest, sesame street, sexuality, sharp women soft men, sir humphrey appleby, space, star trek, star trek tos, star trek: tos, star wars original trilogy, steampunkish tendencies, super mario, synaesthesia, synesthesia, the bourne identity, the fugitive, the muppet show, the simpsons, the vicar of dibley, things with engines, thriller films, thriller novels, tommy lee jones, tony stark, top gear, william shatner, wilty, women in suits, wordplay, writing, yes minister, yes prime minister
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